About Nexgen Dance

Nexgen was founded in May 2017 by Sophia Elias who is passionate about dance and choreography. Having trained at the famous Millennium Dance complex in Hollywood, Los Angeles Sophia gained the expertise in Street Dance from industry professionals to open her own dance school in East Grinstead, the town she grew up in. She started her journey in dance when she was 2 years old. Sophia was just 16 when she decided she wanted to open a dance school, to inspire other young dancers to achieve their dreams In dance like she did.

At Nexgen Dance Academy we provide a fun, safe and friendly environment for all dance abilities to achieve their goals and reach their full potential. Every student who attends Nexgen Dance classes will improve their dance abilities and their confidence. Nexgen is a very friendly environment for children to take dance classes. Classes are open to both boys and girls of all abilities. We do not overfill our dance classes, this gives our teachers the opportunity to give each student the one to one attention they need to progress.

We guarantee you child will love taking our classes. All of our teachers at Nexgen have alot of experience with young children and will ensure each one gets the attention they need to progress on their road to success with dance.